Seminole Lanes

Tournament Information

When: June 11-12, 2016
Where: Seminole Lanes
Entry Deadline June 4


Entry Fee Per Event $30

$120 Total Per Team - $60 Per Doubles
$15 Singles $10 All Events

Lineage: $15

Prize Fund: $15


(Bowl team/mixed doubles events on the same day)

Payment Info

Make check / money order payable to St. Petersburg Bowling Senate

Mail Entries to:
Lenora Stewart
3900 40th Way SO
St Petersburg, FL 33711


NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED Certified Checks or Money Orders Only

Walk-in Accepted if all squads are not filled. (Must sign up 1 hour prior to squad time)


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Tournament Rules

1. This Tournament is open to all USBC & TNBA members. Entrants must have both USBC & TNBA sanction cards. Unattached USBC & TNBA cards may be purchased at the tournament site. USBC $22.00 AND TNBA $20.00.

2. Entry closing date is JUNE 4, 2016. Entries received the 1st business day after the closing date will be accepted. Walk-in accepted if all squads are not filled. (walk-in must sign up 1 hour prior to squad time – NO EXCEPTIONS

3. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. The total entry fee in the form of Certified checks or money orders only made payable to: ST Petersburg Bowling Senate – Do not send cash.

4. This is a mixed Teams/Mixed Doubles handicap tournament with optional singles and scratch events. You may enter optional singles scratch/Handicap event using your mixed team/mixed doubles score as often as you pay to enter, but CASH only once. Any number of men-women combinations may be used in the mixed team event. Doubles will consist of one man and one woman. Multiple entries are permitted for the mixed teams/doubles event. Not more than (2) players may re-enter on the same team. Not more than (1) player may re-enter on the same Doubles team.

5. Entrants must use their highest 2014-2015 winter average for 21 games or more. If no 2014-2015 average then 2015-2016 average of 21 games or more may be used. No summer league average may be used. If no 2014-2015 – 2015-2016 winter league average, bowler must bowl scratch. USBC 10 pin rule does not apply. USBC rule 319E (average adjustment) DOES apply. All averages must be verified by your local Association Manager, Senate President, Senate Secretary or prints out. If an entrant submits an average less than his/her true average, he/she wills FORFIET ALL PRIZE MONEY, he/she helped to make. Averages may be adjusted by the end of 1st FRAME. It is each bowler responsibility to verify the accuracy of their own average in this tournament, whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain or others.

6. Handicap for each game will be 90% of 220 for each individual bowler.

7. There will be at least one cash award for each ten entries in each event. Entry fee will be $30.00 per person per event. Lineage/Exp; $15.00: $15.00 prize fund. Prize fund (returned 100%). (optional scratch entry fee: team $60.00…doubles$30.00) OPTIONAL SINGLES $15.00 HDCP, $15.00 SCRATCH. ALL EVENTS $10.00 which will pay 1 for every 15 entry. All events will be HDCP ONLY and be entered only once.

8. Substitutes are allowed. Subs must bowl in the position of the bowler they are replacing. NO CHANGE IN LINE-UP after entry has been scheduled. Violation will cause disqualification. If a bowler is late for any event, a score of zero (0) will be given him/her for each frame missed.

9. Provisional ball or frame will be used in situations where foul or legality of pin fall cannot be immediately resolved.

10. Dates will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Entrants must list at least two (2) different choices. Team captains are required to check in ALL of their teammates at least one (1) hour prior to bowling.

11. The Tournament director reserves the right to disqualify any entrant not in compliance with the rules of the tournament, USBC & TNBA. Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency, or emergency causes relating thereto or there from, fire, national disaster or any other reason beyond the control of the ST PETERSBURG BOWLING SENATE Tournament shall cause, to the extent required thereby, all prizes, to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of such termination.

12. After entry has been received, no fees shall be refunded except in dire emergency such as strikes, fire, etc., which management has no control?

13. Entry blanks must be completed with all requested information.

14. The decision of the Tournament Director shall be final on any and all disputes unless an appeal is made in accordance with USBC rule 329. All other USBC & TNBA rules will apply.